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Any large-scale construction project will involve multiple parties. Cooperation at every level, from every party, is required to ensure the project is completed on time and in a satisfactory manner. When a construction contract dispute arises, it is typically because one party has failed to cooperate with its terms of the contract. Todd & Levi, L.L.P., provides skilled legal help to those in the construction industry. Our New York construction contract attorneys can protect your rights and seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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Types Of Construction Contract Disputes We Handle

As Manhattan contract dispute lawyers, we are aware that the types of disputes are limitless. As contract dispute attorneys, we can readily assess all elements of the broken contract. We can interpret the terms of the contract, determine your role in complying with the contract, identify if the contract has been breached, and proceed toward the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

Our New York City law firm resolves contract disputes involving:

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