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Business disputes can disrupt the ongoing, successful operation of your business. Todd & Levi, L.L.P., provides strategic advocacy to companies and individuals who are involved in various kinds of business disputes. As our client, you will receive a partner’s attention to your business dispute and assurance that your business goals are in capable hands.

Are You Involved In A Business Dispute?

We have significant experience as New York breach of contract attorneys. At the core of nearly every business dispute there is a broken contract. Successful resolution of the breach of contract involves extensive contract interpretation. Todd & Levi, L.L.P., can interpret your contract and assess the viability of your claims and defenses, identify the strength of your case and proceed toward the best possible resolution.

Our law firm provides comprehensive business litigation services. We strive to resolve disputes through negotiations, mediation and arbitration. As trial attorneys, we prepare every case for the possibility of a court proceeding. Throughout your case, you will receive attentive, cost-effective legal representation.

We handle claims including but not limited to:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Commercial torts
  • Fraud claims
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Lanham Act claims involving trademarks and false advertising
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Partnership disputes

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