Aircraft Transactions Require Distinct Legal Representation

At Todd & Levi, L.L.P., our legal services are recognizably different in that we represent all matters involving the aviation law industry. Our clients include airlines, financial lenders, banks, brokers, lessees, lessors, buyers and sellers of aircraft as well as aircraft parts companies.

Our firm is widely respected for successfully handling cases involving:

We represent a full spectrum of clients throughout the nation and around the world who have any issue related to aviation law matters governed under New York laws. We invite you to email us or call our firm in New York City at 212-308-7400 to learn how our attorneys can help you with your aircraft transaction.

Efficient Legal Counsel To Streamline Your Objectives

Whether you have a general aviation matter or a specialized one such as converting a passenger aircraft to a cargo aircraft or a joint venture to sell airplane parts, our seasoned attorneys are here to help you. We have the experience to meticulously prepare all necessary documents and confidently negotiate on your behalf for your aircraft financing and leasing, conversion and consignment agreements as well as for outright acquisitions and sales of aircraft.

Work With Todd & Levi, L.L.P., For Your Aviation Commercial Transactions

Call us in New York City at 212-308-7400 to effectively resolve the full spectrum of your aviation-related matters. Representing clients nationally and internationally, we provide the personalized representation you need for your aviation transactions. We also provide effective legal counsel for aviation disputes and in the prosecution or defense of aircraft claims.