Was your child injured by a dangerous piece of Ikea furniture?

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Commercial Litigation |

Eight children have died as a result of a dangerous piece of Ikea furniture that’s at risk of tipping over. The furniture seller said that it has provided services to secure and/or refund 17 million defective pieces of furniture, which pose a serious risk to toddlers. So far, eight children have died because of the furniture’s tendency to tip over and crush infants.

The offending pieces of furniture — which include Malm Dressers and Chests and other types of furniture — are either dressers or chests of drawers. These furniture items sit against the wall, but they don’t balance well — especially when the drawers are open and when children reach up to climb on the furniture. Ikea has issued warnings regarding the dangerous devices, and it has also offered wall anchoring kits to secure the furniture to the wall so they won’t fall and endanger children.

The problem is, Ikea doesn’t know how many customers have actually taken the final step to secure their dressers and chests of drawers appropriately. If you believe that you own a piece of Ikea furniture affected by this recall, you can contact Ikea’s customer service department to determine if a free wall-mounting kit is available. Ikea will even send a wall-mounting crew to your residence to safely install and secure your furniture in your home.

If you’re too late, and your child suffered an injury due to one of these dangerous pieces of furniture, you may have the right to pursue financial justice in court. By knowing your rights and understanding the law, you may be able to file and successfully navigate a personal injury claim or wrongful death action relating to the tragedy suffered your child.

Source: The Washington Post, “Ikea furniture has killed eight children. Millions of recalled dressers may still be out there.,” Eli Rosenberg, Nov. 21, 2017