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Avoiding frustration over change orders and delays

Anybody who works construction will tell you, "Changes happen." However, change orders can become a source of major frustration for both the owner and the contractor. They are also, frequently, at the heart of litigation when something doesn't go as planned -- especially when the change orders come along late in the building process when the associated costs are higher.

Why should construction contracts always be in writing?

In many cases, your contract will not be considered binding unless you write it on paper and both parties sign it. This makes perfect sense because without the contract written down, there can be disagreements between the parties, and no third party -- such as a judge or arbitrator -- will be able to make a call on which side is correct.

Construction lawsuit filed against condo tower

Many buildings are built in New York, New York, each year, and many of those have people who object to them. The reasons for those objections vary greatly. They include worries about added traffic and competition for parking places, to concern that the area is becoming too congested, to complaints that views are being obscured. All of those objections, and others, can lead to construction litigation.

Construction projects often result in litigation

New York, New York, may be more well-known for construction projects than anywhere else on Earth. Some of the most famous buildings of this century have been in New York. Each product includes an array of interested parties, from buyers and funders on one side to architects, construction contractors and subcontractors on the other side. From time to time, one of those parties proves to be unhappy with how things are being done by another of those parties. Those things may include payment, timetables, quality issues or any number of other factors. When that happens, the result is often construction litigation.

It is important to understand construction defects

There is construction in progress every day of every year in New York, New York. New skyscrapers and small offices are built to suit a wide range of businesses, each with their own needs. Of course, there are times when construction does not go according to plan, resulting in construction defects and corresponding construction litigation.

Know the ultimate goal of plaintiffs in construction litigation

Construction law is multifaceted and often very complex. Whether your case involves contract negotiations with federal agencies that must follow very strict guidelines or deals with materialmen's liens or even a wrongful death claim, you want your client to emerge victorious.

Construction defects can result in construction litigation

One of the things that New York City is most famous for is buildings. There are buildings in the area that are known all over the world. Of course, among the famous ones, there are others that are known only to those who walk the streets of the city and encounter those buildings in their day-to-day lives. One thing that all of the buildings have in common is that they started out as construction projects. When something goes wrong with one of them, there may be construction litigation.

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