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New York City Mechanic's Lien Lawyers

New York City Mechanics Lien Attorneys

Payment and Performance Bond Claims

In any construction project, various parties work together to complete the project. When problems arise, and a party is not being paid for the work or materials that it provided to the project, or if a contractor defaults in performing its obligations under a construction contract, there are laws to protect your rights. Todd & Levi, LLP can provide the legal guidance necessary for our clients to take full advantage of these laws and protect their interests to the fullest extent possible.

Mechanics Liens

Our mechanic's lien attorneys begin by determining your lien rights, and advising you of the best course of action in light of your particular circumstances. Since there are time limits within which you must file a mechanic's lien, it is essential that you seek legal advice as soon as possible in order to avoid losing your right to file a lien. Once we have determined your lien rights, you can rely on our broad experience and expertise in prosecuting your rights under the lien law in order to chart a course that will protect your interests in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Rights to Receive Lien Law Trust Funds

Even if you do not have the right to file a mechanic's lien, you may have the right to receive lien law trust funds which are required to be held for your benefit under the New York Lien Law. Owners, contractors and subcontractors are obligated to hold the monies they are paid on a construction project for the benefit and payment of contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers who provide work and materials for their use on a project. The attorneys at Todd & Levi, LLP have vast knowledge and expertise in protecting the rights of those entitled to receive lien law trust funds. We can provide you with the legal counseling you need to make sure that you maximize your recovery of trust funds under the New York Lien Law.

Payment Bond Claims

In addition to protecting your interest through the filing of mechanics liens and asserting your rights to receive lien law trust funds, you can protect your interest by making claims under payment bonds provided by insurance companies for contractors and subcontractors for the project. Since many payment bonds contain time limits within which to file a claim, it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible to protect your rights to receive payment under a payment bond. The payment bond attorneys at Todd & Levi, LLP have many years of experience representing materials suppliers and subcontractors in the successful prosecution of their rights to receive payment under payment bonds in connection with both private and public construction contracts.

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