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New York Airline Bankruptcy Lawyers

New York Bankruptcy Lawyers

New York Creditor's Rights Lawyers

Todd & Levi, LLP protects the rights of creditors and other individuals and entities involved in bankruptcy proceedings. Our creditor's rights practice generally involves aviation, construction and other commercial workouts and bankruptcies. Whether through negotiation or litigation, including the prosecution of claims in bankruptcy, our lawyers are experienced at providing you with the best strategy to maximize your recovery.

Airline Bankruptcies and Section 1110

As New York airline bankruptcy attorneys, we are well versed in protecting your rights in any airline bankruptcy proceeding. We represent lessors, mortgagees, secured lenders and other creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, and have experience particular to airline bankruptcies to protect your rights, including the protection and prosecution of all rights under Section 1110 of the US Bankruptcy Code. We have represented creditors in every major airline bankruptcy, including the bankruptcies of Pan Am, TWA, Continental, Midway, Delta and US Airways.

We can assist with the recovery of your aircraft, whether through a workout or other negotiated resolution, or through the commencement of proceedings in the Bankruptcy Court. Protecting your rights may not stop with recovering possession of your aircraft – you may also have rights to pursue monies rightfully owed to you. Todd & Levi can protect your rights in bankruptcy by developing and implementing a cost efficient and effective plan tailored to your specific goals.

New York City Construction Law: Construction Bankruptcies

Todd & Levi, LLP represents creditors in construction related bankruptcy proceedings. We can ensure that you obtain the maximum possible recovery of monies owed to you, and protect your rights going forward in any transaction or commercial relationship which involves a debtor in bankruptcy. We have deep and well connected experience in the construction industry which is critical to obtaining the best possible results for our construction clients that find themselves entailed in bankruptcy proceedings.

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